Welcome to Atlas Roofing Company

Many building owners see the investment in a roof as a necessary evil – another unwelcome cost of doing business. Over time, some have experienced problems, and viewed their roof systems as potential headaches. Atlas Roofing Company and Roof Specialties, Inc. are committed to changing that perspective. We recognize that a roof and its performance are vital to every successful business. Nothing protects employees, tenants, inventory and equipment from the elements better than a properly installed and regularly maintained roof system by Atlas Roofing Company and Roof Specialties, Inc.

A good roof is one of your most important assets- Roofing is our business and we know how important it is to every commercial, industrial, government and retail building. Before you’re ready for another roof, contact Atlas Roofing Company and Roof Specialties, Inc. From estimating and installation to ongoing inspection and maintenance, you’ll get responsive on-time service and professional know-how. We’re ready to serve your roofing needs, whether it’s a new, a retrofit, or preventative maintenance, 24 hours of every day.